Top Inflammatory-Fighting Foods for Slimming Down

Citrus fruit Oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit are high in soluble fiber and low in glycemic index, making them suitable diet foods.

Extra-virgin olive oil All olive oils include oleocanthal, but extra-virgin has more, so use it for salad dressings and low-heat cooking.

Avocado Avocados include monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fiber, and carotenoids that reduce inflammation.

Leafy greens Non-starchy veggies like leafy greens may fill you up without adding calories or carbohydrates when dieting. 

Beans High-fiber beans and legumes including black beans, navy beans, chickpeas, peas, and lentils provide protein and slow-digesting carbs. 

Greek yogurt Greek yogurt has more protein (go plain to prevent sugars). Add nuts or fresh fruit for sweetness and crunch.

Walnuts Fiber, protein, and healthy fat during meals and snacks are a game-changer for dieting because they satisfy. 

Berries When dieting, strawberries and blueberries are good choices because they're low in calories and high in fiber

Cauliflower or broccoli "rice" Riced cauliflower or broccoli can help cut calories and carbohydrates and reduce inflammation, while whole grains like brown rice.