Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

1. Michelle Obama’s Flipped Out Lob

The former First Lady is frequently seen sporting a shoulder-length fringe, and for good reason. 

2. Viola Davis’ Bouncy Bob

Keep your hair curly and near to your chin for a foolproof solution against flat hair.

3. Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Curly Lob

A slightly longer style that reaches the collarbones is a good choice because it will not drag down your natural curls.

4. Halle Berry’s Textured Bob

Berry's hairstyle is suitable for nearly all hair types, but it appears best on naturally curly or wavy hair. 

5. Side-Swooped Bob

For longer faces, it's best to draw the eyes up," which Youn does to precision with her swooped-over bangs on top of her springy curls.

6. Layered Lob

A lengthy, layered cut will add edge to your hair without the risk of an awkward growing-out phase.

7. Jamie Curtis’s Pixie

If you're searching for a style that requires minimal maintenance, the pixie is an excellent choice. 

Jamie Curtis’s Pixie

This is a good haircut for thin hair because it lies flat on the head and does not require much volume.

8. Mary Steenburgen's Full Fringe

True, full, rounded bangs can make a person appear youthful. 

9. Rose McGowan’s Buzz Cut

There is no hairstyle that is shorter or simpler to style than a buzz cut. 

10. Helen Mirren’s French Bob

The fashionable haircut rests just above the jaw, with bangs adding an attractive touch to make thin hair appear fuller.

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