Nfl Admits Officials Got Key Call Wrong In Jets-cowboys Game

After more study, the NFL has decided that a roughing the passer call made in Week 2's game between the Jets and Cowboys was wrong. 

The mistake in question was called on a play by Jets defensive end John Franklin-Myers in the second quarter.

On third-and-7 from the 11-yard line of the Jets, Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott threw a pass that was not caught. 

Franklin-Myers, on the other hand, was called for a late hit, which led to a first down. At the end of the drive, the Cowboys got a touchdown.

Brian Costello of the New York Post says that the NFL told the Jets on Wednesday that Franklin-Myers' hit was legal and that no penalty should have been called. 

It's not clear if the mistake changed the final result, since the Cowboys won 30–10.

Instead of holding Dallas to a field goal, New York gave up a touchdown, making the score 18–7 against them at halftime. 

Before the NFL agreed that the call was wrong, Jets coach Robert Saleh told reporters that he didn't like the penalty.

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