Deion Sanders Is Having A Rough Morning In His Colorado Office

Thursday morning, Deion Sanders got to work early, like most college football coaches do. 

He was trying to get ready for the day when he says he saw someone he didn't want in his Boulder, Colorado office.

Sanders saw a mouse in his office as he was getting ready for the biggest game of his career as a head coach on Saturday against Oregon.

Sanders said, "It wasn't big enough to be a rat, but it was a mouse."

He said that he could see the mouse out of the corner of his eye because he was an excellent return man when he was a player.

Later, when it looked like someone was trying to fix the problem, Sanders made a joke about how his famous "We Coming" motto didn't include mice.

Someone better call someone to take care of that someone," said the head coach as he turned to look at where he saw the mouse.

Sanders is working hard to get the Buffaloes ready for their most important game of the season, which is in two days. On Saturday at 3:30 p.m., they will go to Eugene to play the No. 10-ranked Ducks.

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